The trial of Estelle

(today only the english version)

[2021/08/15 09:45]  Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Lᴏᴋɪ (lukeraid): /me tilts his head looking to Nikki, a lustful grin grows onto his lips as he gave her a nod- “ Greetings Nikki… How are you today?“

[2021/08/15 09:45]  Erin Ari Wolfe (ariamber): grins hearing the voice and spins around and might be breaking 100000 rules but lunges and hugs Nikki around the middle

[2021/08/15 09:51]  Estelle Brianna: /me grinned as Graves started cussing, she was quite familiar with some of them and started humming something..

[2021/08/15 09:51]  Nikki Malaprop: /me wraps a powerful arm around Erin and pulls the fox up to her side. „My only requirement was that she was in once piece when I came to get her.“ She grins down at Erin, sliding a hand down to the Fox’s ass to give it a firm squeese…“Miss your Queen dear?“ she asks then back to Voltra…“I’ll be taking her back now, do I … need to sign something?.“ She asks with a smirk

[2021/08/15 09:54]  Erin Ari Wolfe (ariamber): looks up at Nikki then to Voltra. „She does have a way with a mace.“

[2021/08/15 09:56]  Zulah Rjinn Yome (random.wanderer): /me draws down her hood down with a laugh „Here ye here ye! The trial of~“ she stops with a chuckle in a playful chirp as she looks around „Evening all~“ she smiles.

[2021/08/15 09:56]  Nikki Malaprop: /me chuckels..‘ A Mace hmm.I’m not surprised“ She says grinning at Voltra

[2021/08/15 09:56]  Graves (cowprotector): /me Offers a gracious bow of her head, recognizing the Grand Canoness.

[2021/08/15 09:56]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): Well is tha mos versitile surgery tool aroun!  Ya can do so much with a surgical mace!

[2021/08/15 09:57]  Tinwen: /me looks around wondering… how close she wants to be to the action…

[2021/08/15 09:59]  Estelle Brianna: /me watched them gathering and mumbled to herself ‚get your shit together girl, it’s time‘

[2021/08/15 09:59]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me steps forward to the front taking the front corner seat so he could see everything that was going on during the trial and nodded to Lady Jadu, „Greetings.. good to see your doing well.“

 [2021/08/15 09:59]  Erin Ari Wolfe (ariamber): grins to Emelean. and slips from Nikki’s side to hug her. „Hi!“

[2021/08/15 10:00]  Lucy Private (privatelypublic): /me she glances over as a dark wing almost engulhped her periferal view… she smiles seeing Lady Aranea and would nod politely towards her… her fel green elvish eyes then trail in front of her… watching curiously what the court would be about today…

 [2021/08/15 10:01]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me ascends the steps and looks out into the courtroom with a polite nod to acknowledge all in the room then clears her throat and breathes out a mist of ice crystals “Today we are here because the Tavern had reported something atrocious recently. Someone was stealing liquor and replacing it with water. I will say that of all the things in Hell, alcohol is one thing that serves to bring relaxation and happiness to the Demon populations. And the culprit shall be brought to justice.

[2021/08/15 10:01]  Lady Jadu (nurturing):  “Dear Lady Arena, please get Estelle from her cell and bring her here to face me.” Then stares coldly toward the cell area

[2021/08/15 10:01]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me sits waiting with patience , calmly cooly collected demeanor watching the stage with anticipation.

 [2021/08/15 10:03]  Valdalia (ladyvaldalia): /me hooves softly thud against the wooden walkway as she takes a seat next to Tinwen, smiling warmly as her eyes meet those characteristic red scales, as Val takes a seat she nudges her shoulder against Tinwen and moves to hold one the Dragonesses clawed hands, watching onwards.

[2021/08/15 10:03]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me nods and stands up, „I’ll get her in a minute.“

[2021/08/15 10:04]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me smiles at Estelle: „It’s time… come with me. The trial begins. The hall is filled to the brim.“

[2021/08/15 10:05]  Estelle Brianna: /me nods to Lady Aranea ready to follow her and face her faith

[2021/08/15 10:06]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me nods to Lady Jadu: „Here, high judge, is our defendant today….“

[2021/08/15 10:07]  Zulah Rjinn Yome (random.wanderer): /me brings her claws together happily, a large clacking sound resonating as in the corner of her pupils she spotted the accused and rushed to sit down before proceedings began „A my thanks, a pleasure~“ she whispered in honeyed tone as she lowered her self on the chair and shuffled in for comfort.

[2021/08/15 10:07]  Azzanadra (nohnakee): /me waves at lea

[2021/08/15 10:08]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me looks over to Estelle move up through the aisle and begins to tense up a little bit but does his best to try and calm down and mutters over to her, „Good luck Estelle…“

[2021/08/15 10:08]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me stares evilly at Estelle “I see the liquor thief is here. Thank you Lady.” Then looks out to the court and speaks with ice in her voice. “Lady Aryanna is here today in court to bring forth her evidence and Dante will be here offering what I believe to be a pathetic excuse for the representation of the Tavern against Estelle.

[2021/08/15 10:09]  Emelean: /me giggled at the Vice Judge’s insults before sitting down next to her teacher and watching the show.

[2021/08/15 10:10]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Sighs deeply undeterred by Lady Jadu’s words.

[2021/08/15 10:10]  Tinwen: /me looks up and towards Estelle…wondering what she is drinking… before she turns her head to the ‚lawyer‘ shaking her head as she sees him… clothed?

[2021/08/15 10:11]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me looks forward gritting his teeth behind his mouth and then looks over at Dante as he steps forward, „Don’t you screw this up Dante.. or I’ll make sure Slithor gets a hold of you again…“ he said starting at him.

[2021/08/15 10:11]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Stands proudly before the court looking around feeling the weight of this moment before speaking „Your Honor thank you for calling this humble mortal to serve as your prosecutor for this event.. the wisdom, generosity and limitless Savoir Faire of Judge Jadu will surely be echoed in the halls of all seven circles of Hell for what will transpire here today. for all time and throughout all creation.

[2021/08/15 10:11]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555):  age of enlightened despotism for all of Hell’s citizens… Demon’s hell-beasts, pit-fiends and mortals a like.“

[2021/08/15 10:11]  Estelle Brianna: /me looked up at Lady Jadu with a respectful nod and returned her gaze to the audience, she smiled softly to Master Zakia barely hearing him but reading by his lips and muttered back ‚thank you Overseer‘, she tried to find Slithor in the crowd but her attempts were interrupted by Dante, so she just scoffed and shook her head again

[2021/08/15 10:11]  Mayoi Kiyori: /me laughs a bit. „hey suit person wheres your uh .. pants.. uh,…“ wonders wth im looking at

[2021/08/15 10:11]  Nikki Malaprop: /me takes a seat next to Jane and smiles to her and Leanah…“good afternoon ladies“ she purrs out and reaches forward to cradle Erin’s head in her palm and pull the fox in between her thighs

[2021/08/15 10:13]  Jane (varstapad): /me turns to Nikki and smiles „Greetings my queen!“ as she looks a bit concerned, sitting with her hand on Leanah shoulder

[2021/08/15 10:13]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me gasps at Dante’s words and can’t believe it. What is this confused drivel about? And now his new position as a prosecutor has already gone to his head so much that he wants to become a judge in the prison of hell? She desperately needs to fan herself, it’s unbelievable how far mortals have come!

[2021/08/15 10:14]  Zulah Rjinn Yome (random.wanderer): /me tries not to get distracted, moving a hand over slowly as two of her pupils start following one of those floating shards hovering about Graves like some shattered lions mane, she lifted a finger and coiled it, releasing tension and flicking the shard as she watched it float, then magnetically fall back to it’s original position, much to her surprise as she finally looked onward and watched the proceedings.

[2021/08/15 10:14]  Erin Ari Wolfe (ariamber): leans back and gets comfortable where she is placed listening to the talk of the court.

[2021/08/15 10:15]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me nods with a grin to Zakia’s comments then turns to Dante, rolling her eyes loudly “Dante, you are getting lofty thoughts, so keep it in check. You have on…clothing…which disgusts me and has no place here in Hell. Remove those clothes items NOW! Then I ask, do you actually have anything of use to say or will it continue to be just hot air?”

[2021/08/15 10:16]  Nikki Malaprop: /me gives Jan a questioning look, clearly in reaction to her concerned appearance. She let’s her sister Babylonion decide whether to explainor not .

[2021/08/15 10:16]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): sadly slips out of his fancy ‚lawyer clothes‘ „your honor I am no mere mortal and would be happy to fan you while we talk about my promotion if you like… maybe now that Estelle is guilty you can assign her to be my slave.. I think  that would be appropriate“ he says with a big grin „I know that some might find it distasteful but I think it could work“

[2021/08/15 10:16]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me watches the lil interplay with amusement , languishingly rests her chin upon her hand, as she grins excitedly .

[2021/08/15 10:17]  Tinwen: /me facepalms, murring a bit… „Hot Air at least is useful…“

[2021/08/15 10:17]  Estelle Brianna: /me looked Dante up and down as if marking out the spots to be extruded from his body later and smacked her lips and sweetly cooed in a whispery hiss ‚jusst let me lay my hands on you.. my daggers are so hungry‘

[2021/08/15 10:17]  Iva (horknis.steamer): Cook him alive!!!

[2021/08/15 10:17]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me growls and slams his fist on the pew and stairs at Dante, „You are stepping out of line mortal… even for the Tavern saying something like that in your shoes is enough for me to gut you myself!“ he said angrily but then sighed and did his best to get a hold of his anger.

[2021/08/15 10:17]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): /me rests her hand on her axe as the Lawyer continues to ramble on about nonsense that suits his own needs.  „I feel like tha attorney as forgotten is place.“

[2021/08/15 10:17]  Slithor (jakethesnakes): „thisssss TRIAL is an OUTRAGE I DEMAND that Dante be Eaten NOW!“

[2021/08/15 10:18]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me needs a second fan. One is already not enough, so much she has to gasp for air. This maniac wants Estelle as a slave? Has he completely lost his mind?

[2021/08/15 10:18]  Mayoi Kiyori: /me looks over at slither and giggles.“mmm im quite hungry myself.. he looks a little gamey though“

[2021/08/15 10:18]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me coldly stares at Slithor coldly , “ at least let him speak, I would have at least some entertainment.“

[2021/08/15 10:19]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): more fun to skin him and put him on a cross to dry  as a example

[2021/08/15 10:19]  Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Lᴏᴋɪ (lukeraid): /me raises a brow looking over to dante.. did the mortal really just say what he thought he just said? he thought to himself before looking to the others around him seeing their reactions , he thought right but remained silent –

[2021/08/15 10:19]  Emelean: /me found her self giggling at the display and leaned back. She waited for the lawyer to be pushed aside so the actual trial could begin.

[2021/08/15 10:21]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me smiles with some satisfaction as she watches Dante slip out of the ridiculous clothes then rolls her eyes at his goals for a promotion, and simply ignores him and looks to Estelle then the court room “To all in the court grumbling about Dante here, I say this. I agree completely, and I am sending Dante away now out to all of you to use and abuse as you see fit.” Then grins at Zakia “Dear Zakia oh Please feel free to gut him in private at your convenience! You put up with so much.” Then turns back to Estelle “Estelle, as you will not be given a defense clearly, do you have anything to say on your own behalf?” And stares coldly at her

[2021/08/15 10:21]  Estelle Brianna: /me was standing there in front of the crowd with her gaze sliding across their faces and postures and noticing every tiny detail. Estelle turned her head to Lady Lady and spoke in a loud and deep voice ‘Your Honor, Lady Jadu. And all of you who came to watch this trial. My case is simple. The Tavern is my home, I’m completely loyal to the Head Master. If I were you I’d blame me in stealing from the others and bringing the swag into the Tavern, but not the other way round. But blaming me in attempt to ruin the place I cherish, to ruin the place I call home and even to betray the one I lo…’ she stopped coughing and sipped on the wine nervously ‘I also want to add that due to a faulty spell I was stuck in a lunar cat form for quite a while. The spell did not only imprison me in that shape, I’ve been experiencing some other side effects – for example basic feline instincts. So I’ve been resting all the time in front of everyone on the counter in the Tavern. I’m sure that many of our visitors

[2021/08/15 10:21]  Estelle Brianna:  have been complaining on the purple fur everywhere. By this I don’t agree with accusations and tell you all once again – I’m innocent’

[2021/08/15 10:23]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me nods to Lady Jadu with a sigh, „Of course.. sorry for my outburst. In fact.. with your permission I can get rid of him for now and feed all the demons in here at once as long as it’s ok with you Judge?“ he asked curiously.

[2021/08/15 10:24]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): /me up my hand

[2021/08/15 10:24]  Iva (horknis.steamer): Ohh I want feed him hormons so he grows Breast able to be mosted

[2021/08/15 10:24]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): „your honor Estelle is clearly attempting to persuade the court by making a case for her innocence I recommend that she be executed immediately“

[2021/08/15 10:25]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me looks at Estelle and cocks her head hearing her explanation and softens her expression when Estelle speaks of her cat form then looks out to the court room and gestures toward Estelle “I will now ask the court if there are any witnesses who can speak on behalf of Estelle, please raise your hands and I will call on you.” Then nods to Zakia’s words “Please take Dante out of this fine court room, and do with him as you wish.”

[2021/08/15 10:25]  Rakin Fleer (reflexivesin): /me licks his lips thinking about a court room snack

[2021/08/15 10:25]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): /me still up my hands “ can i say something your exelence?“

[2021/08/15 10:25]  Niwark (agneshovin): /me lève la main pour témoigner

[2021/08/15 10:25]  AgnesHovin fr>en: /me raise your hand to testify

[2021/08/15 10:25]  Niwark (agneshovin): *her hand

[2021/08/15 10:26]  AgnesHovin fr>en: * her hand

[2021/08/15 10:26]  Jane (varstapad): /me raises her hand too

[2021/08/15 10:26]  Graves (cowprotector): /me Raised their hand.

[2021/08/15 10:26]  Aiya (r3yzel): she stand up and take her whip come closer to dante for her duty

[2021/08/15 10:27]  Dario (blackcatiris.eyre): /me swallowed hard, from the back of the room, as he heard the ‚prosecutor‘ speak… the implications were not good. Was the mortal insane? He inched closer to his Master and closed his eyes, as a shiver ran through him. The man was an idiot. He had to be. Else why would he say such things when there were so many demons around him?

[2021/08/15 10:27]  Aiya (r3yzel): she attempt t grab dante by his hair and pull him with her with a smile

[2021/08/15 10:27]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Starts sweating as the courtroom turns hostile.

[2021/08/15 10:28]  Estelle Brianna: /me felt a tiny tear drop running down her cheek when she saw those willing to testify for her. However she still managed to reach Dante’s butt with the tip of her tail and pin in into his left buttcheek

[2021/08/15 10:29]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): /me stand and come in front of everyone “ thank you , your exellency“ well i  want to precise i not know at all Estelle but her case speak to me“ WE are Devil and Demon !!! i expect us to steal, rape and do Evil things!! do we will judge and condamn one of us to do what its in our natural nature?, she not a angel or a mortal! so think about this! we are born to make Evil things! its natural!

[2021/08/15 10:30]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me feels a strange feeling in the back of her mind as shes Dante being accosted and feels necessary to speak, with  a deep booming voice, “ Leave him, and lets proceed. We are wasting precious time on this insignificant matter.“

[2021/08/15 10:31]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me calms down at bit and presses his thumb into his first finger causing blood to drip from it, „As much as I hate to say it.. Elayne has a point.. we can’t keep wasting time on this mortal. We will take care of him after the trial.. that goes for all my employees… you will not get out of this unscathed Dante…“

[2021/08/15 10:31]  Tinwen: /me crosses her arms and leans back, watching whoever is talking, occasionally her gaze stops on the back of Elaynes head.

[2021/08/15 10:32]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me nods to Tasia „Valid point, but still stealing alcohol from demons is reprehensible“ then addresses the turmoil about Dante in the court „I see all here are upset by this mortal and I am too. Unfortunately, Dante is protected by the court for these proceedings, however there in NO NEED for him to be up here. Dante, go to the back. You will be safe there….for now.“ Then motions to all to let Dante pass up the center Aisle „Graves, please come up and give your defense.“

[2021/08/15 10:33]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Rolls his eyes at Tasia „your honor Tasia is clearly an insane person I recommend her testimony be stricken from the record“

[2021/08/15 10:33]  Slithor (jakethesnakes): „Be sssstorong my Heartssss you will sssurvive thisss mockery of jussstice“

[2021/08/15 10:34]  Graves (cowprotector): /me Lifting oneself from their seat for but a moment, They’d idly brush over their cloak and approach the main event. The raspy tone echoed throughout the court room. They’d clear their throat before finally stating. “ I can vouch for her, your honor. Once in her feline state, she did make a habit of making, well… the top of my head her seat as well as a preferred method of transportation. Hence I can confirm she has spent majority of her time by my side – meaning she could not have stolen the wine, as there would indeed be no time for her to do so. Otherwise one would have to deem myself a culprit just as well, which of course as we all know, would be far from possibility!“

[2021/08/15 10:34]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): As a doctor I move to pronounce Dante clinically insane

[2021/08/15 10:34]  Estelle Brianna: /me watched her dear friend ready to testify for her and hiding her hand behind her own wing showed Graves a half-heart gesture with her fingers. She heard Slithor’s voice and finally has seen him in the crowd beaming like the brightest lighthouse

[2021/08/15 10:34]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): “ stealing from a demon or not its still a evil act, the one who got stoled have just to steal it back! if they cant protect there goods they not deserve to have them! its the law of the evil!, if you want blame someoen , blame our creator!“

[2021/08/15 10:35]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me apllaud loudly for the two witnesses!

[2021/08/15 10:36]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): „Your honor do we really want to take testimony from someone who wears a cat on their head? that is not sanity or hygienic it, I recommend that this „graves“ person be forced to shower“

[2021/08/15 10:36]  Mayoi Kiyori: /me looks over wondering if someone would knock that idiot human out. then looks at tasia…maybe she stole it. then looks over at dante. „i have quite a few tools to shut up little inbred mortals like you, be quiet.“

[2021/08/15 10:37]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me nods with a quick chuckle to Voltra’s words then looks to Graves „Compelling argument, and it actually makes some sense.“ then looks thoughtfully to Lady Areanna clapping „Lady, do you have anything to add to this? Please come forward now.“

[2021/08/15 10:38]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me gets up in a hurry. She didn’t have enough time to take off the travel outfit, so much she had to hurry to be here in time for the trial. At least she quickly puts aside the umbrella, she doesn’t need it here. At least she managed to bring the last evidence in her bag, safely hidden from everyone’s eyes… but now she has to give her testimony first. „High Court,“ she begins slowly and deliberately, „The whole thing started a few weeks ago when I noticed that the tavern was serving only water. It didn’t matter how full the trays were, it didn’t matter what you ordered: there was only water, and at horrendous prices! I complained about the conditions in a letter to Slithor, and then had a conversation with him. Slithor had quickly realized that thefts were the cause, because in fact almost all the alcohol was missing. He was beside himself! He then asked me if I would be willing to bring order to the tavern and to question and monitor the employees and guests. I was very happy to take on this task,

[2021/08/15 10:38]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea):  because let’s face it, do we want to drink water just because the vodka, champagne and Midas were stolen? Certainly not!“ After a short pause, she continues, „I then very often observed the conditions in the tavern and questioned everyone present again and again. Many interesting findings grew during this time. And at the end of the investigation there was the vote among the dwellers of Hell, by means of which the culprits were determined, whom we all know: Vincent and Estelle!“ She clears her throat and draws in a sharp breath, „Well, we don’t need to talk about Vincent. Vincent is always guilty, he is charged with various other offenses anyway, so with him the matter is clear. However, today we are negotiating the matter of Estelle, and here I am quite surprised by the result of the vote. You must know that Estelle was a great help in the investigation, she provided me with a lot of valuable information. Also, she was a cat at the time of the thefts due to a failed spell, so how could she have taken the

[2021/08/15 10:38]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea):  bottles away with her cute little pink paws? – It doesn’t make any sense. Estelle is innocent in my eyes, but that is for the high court to decide. I’ll be happy to say something…“ She pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath before continuing.

[2021/08/15 10:41]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me looks to Lady Areana and nods „I feel that a clear case is being made for Estelle’s innocencewhich intrigues me.“ then looks to Agnes and motions her hand to the front of the room „Please step up Agnes and also give your toughts today.“

[2021/08/15 10:42]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me uses the short break to give Dante a good whack on the head with her umbrella!

[2021/08/15 10:43]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Signsss „your honor Lady Aranea is a known sadist I don’t think we can trust anything she says“

[2021/08/15 10:43]  Estelle Brianna: /me whispered to Niwark ‚thank you girl.. that means a lot‘. She’s been watching this lycan almost from her first days in hell, and oh she never stopped amuse Estelle – her heart, her mind, her strength

[2021/08/15 10:44]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): ouch rubs his head as he is waked „seee she admits it.“

[2021/08/15 10:44]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me strikes again, this time more thoroughly and more firmly. It’s good to have an umbrella at hand, isn’t it?

[2021/08/15 10:44]  Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Lᴏᴋɪ (lukeraid): /me raises a hand as he looks up to Vice Judge Lady Jadu

[2021/08/15 10:44]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): fends off the flury of umbrella strikes

[2021/08/15 10:45]  Niwark (agneshovin): /me avance à son tour à l’avant de la pièce. Elle parle assez fort pour que tout le monde puisse l’entendre „votre honneur, merci de permettre à une simple mortelle comme moi de venir témoigner. Je confirme qu’Estelle était un chat pendant et bien avant les accusations. Soit elle était couchée sur le comptoir, soit elle était sur la tête de Graves. Je les ai vu. Et si un chat avait tenté de voler une bouteille, ça aurait été compliquée pour elle de la déplacer avec ses petites pattes et ses petites dents. Elle même n’en consommait pas beaucoup non plus. Elle semblait préférer son petit sachet de sang. Juste de du sang. Estelle n’a aucun intérêt à nuire a voler de l’alcool ou nuire à la taverne. Au contraire elle ne fait que contribuer à son bon fonctionnement.

[2021/08/15 10:45]  AgnesHovin fr>en: /me in turn advances to the front of the room. She speaks loud enough that everyone can hear her „Your Honor, thanks for allowing a mere mortal like me to come and testify. I confirm that Estelle was a cat during and long before the charges. Either she was lying on it. the counter, or she was on Graves‘ head. I saw them. And if a cat had tried to steal a bottle, it would have been difficult for her to move it with its little paws and its little teeth. She didn’t consume much either. She seemed to prefer her little bag of blood. Just blood. Estelle has no interest in harming stealing alcohol or harming the tavern. On the contrary, she is only contributing to her health. good functioning.

[2021/08/15 10:46]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Your honor please protect the court’s rightful Representative from this unlawful abuse of an umbrella“

[2021/08/15 10:47]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): „your honor Niwark is not a mortal  and as we have established does not have a law degree like yours truly so I am sad to say she is completely unreliable as a witness“

[2021/08/15 10:48]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me completely ignores Dante’s whining, then nods agreeably to Agnes „I see. And interestingly this sounds like it aligns with what the others are saying.“ then taps her fingers on her chin thoughtfully and looks over to Lady Areanna „And deal Lady, do you have any final words?“ and looks on expectantly

[2021/08/15 10:48]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me opens her bag, rummages in it and pulls out a sheet of paper. She glances around briefly and then begins to speak softly. „It gave me no peace that Estelle was suspected. So I went back to the files. I had everything in front of me, all the evidence sent to me by the tavern employees and the guests, all the statements, all the whispers and murmurs, the guesses and the facts. And then, on top of the mountain of documents, there it was. A picture sent to me by one of the waitresses. She took it secretly, on a day when I wasn’t even there. The picture shows someone working at the desk in the tavern. The table where Slithor keeps his bills, Zakia the deeds of his tavern, the table where Dante writes his pleadings. No unauthorized person has any business at this table and its thousand secret compartments and locked drawers. And yet someone was there. And not only that: this someone was at the desk with an axe, surely to find and break open every compartment, however hidden. I also recall Futura’s testimony a

[2021/08/15 10:48]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea):  few weeks ago, reporting that she had observed an someone with black wings, together with a helper, unpacking bottles from crates in a pit near the Demon’s Nest. Lots of old broken crates had already been lying there, and the situation had become really dangerous when Futura had been discovered by the blackwinged person and his helper. And now the same person has tampered with Slithor’s desk in the tavern and broken it open. High Court, I am certain: the one with the black wings, whoever it is, is the culprit. Estelle is innocent.“

[2021/08/15 10:48]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea):  /me passes the photo to everyone in the courtroom

[2021/08/15 10:49]  Estelle Brianna: /me articulated her ‚thank you‘ to Niwark, Graves and Tasia and flicked her ears listening to Lady Aranea’s words with her full attention

[2021/08/15 10:49]  Tinwen: /me wiggles a bit to the side, wanting to see more, trying to look past Elayne…

[2021/08/15 10:50]  Aiya (r3yzel): she smile and look to Elayne without surprise

[2021/08/15 10:50]  Emelean: /me raised her hand

[2021/08/15 10:50]  Slithor (jakethesnakes): „I sssay we all maesss a feast of Dante after thisss trial“

[2021/08/15 10:51]  Valdalia (ladyvaldalia): /me folds in her wings a bit and watches onwards, she leans in a bit to Tinwen, “do you want to hop on my lap so you can see passed the Angel?“ she says as her tail softly traces Emeleans right arm

[2021/08/15 10:51]  Slithor (jakethesnakes): „Hold on my sweetessst Estelle you are almossst free of thisssssssss judicial Mockery“

[2021/08/15 10:51]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me smiles and laughs a bit sort of relieved as he looks up, „That’s right.. and Estelle doesn’t have black wings. Lady Aranea you are incredible..“

[2021/08/15 10:51]  Niwark (agneshovin): /me sourit tendrement à Estelle. Puis elle sourit en coin en regardant Dante, se sentant un peu flattée qu’il l’ai prise pour autre chose qu’une mortelle. Elle fronce un peu les sourcil en écoutant la suite du témoignage de Lady Aranea. Les ailes noires lui font bien penser à quelqu’un.

[2021/08/15 10:52]  AgnesHovin fr>en: /me smiles tenderly at Estelle. Then she smirked as she looked at Dante, feeling a little flattered that he took her for anything other than mortal. She frowns a little as she listens to the rest of Lady Aranea’s testimony. The black wings make him think of someone.

[2021/08/15 10:52]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me smiles at Zakia: „Thank you“

[2021/08/15 10:52]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me sits her place, with a growing impatience. slightly worried but giving no outward sign. She hopes  estelle is not harmed she would need her soon.

[2021/08/15 10:53]  Estelle Brianna: /me’s guts rumbled when Slithor has mentioned food, she winked at him and whispered ‚i know my heart‘. Suddenly her eyes widened as she knew someone with the black wings as well, she gasped ‚that can’t be….‘

[2021/08/15 10:53]  Tinwen: /me looks towards Valdalia and shakes her head, turning her vision upon Elaynes back once more… growling a bit

[2021/08/15 10:54]  Erin Ari Wolfe (ariamber): smirks as she raises one eyebrow leaning to look forward. „This is an interesting twist.“

[2021/08/15 10:55]  ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡  Đʀєαм (dreaminghearts): Oh damn, wrong thing

[2021/08/15 10:55]  ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡  Đʀєαм (dreaminghearts): hold on

[2021/08/15 10:56]  Aiya (r3yzel): she seem prepare to intervention, caress her whip slowly, a look on the right benches

[2021/08/15 10:56]  Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Lᴏᴋɪ (lukeraid): /me his eyes swift towards Elayne for she was the only one he knew to have black wings, his eyebrow quickly lifts –

 [2021/08/15 10:56]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me sighs and looks out with disdain. buggery hells she thinks. its to soon.

[2021/08/15 10:57]  Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Lᴏᴋɪ (lukeraid): ( Sadly i do have to go , i hope the rest goes smooth!)

[2021/08/15 10:57]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): “ humm we can clearly see lightning exit from the black wings too if you look the  end of the wingd on the picture“

[2021/08/15 10:57]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): If I may, my investigations inta both this theft, an tha theft a items in tha infirmary led me ta only one single suspect.  A suspect who be in this courtroom.

[2021/08/15 10:57]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me raises her eyebrows as she takes the picture and looks at it with a gasp

[2021/08/15 10:58]  Aiya (r3yzel): She waiting the order and try come closer to Elayne the whip in her hand, try to grab her wrist

[2021/08/15 10:58]  Tinwen: /me suddenly hops onto her pew and pushes herself off from it, towards Elayne, having seen the angels back long enough by now, she charges towards her and attempts to kick her in the stomach!

[2021/08/15 10:58]  Valdalia (ladyvaldalia): /me looks over it, hearing Jadu’s words she stands and draws on her circles attempting to apprehend the angel.

[2021/08/15 11:00]  Estelle Brianna: /me heard Lady Jadu’s words, turned to her with a grateful smile and bowed with due respect ‚Thank you Vice Judge‘.. She then sipped on the wine and started dancing jig, softly swinging and spinning so her sole daggers clicked and rang hitting the floors. She knew she should maybe help capture Elayne.. but she wanted to have her time to celebrate

[2021/08/15 11:01]  Emelean: /me jumped up seeing what was happening and would call her already raised minions to her. Rushing down the stairs a gaggle of undead monsters would quickly flank the pew where Jane, Leanah, Erin and Azzandra sat upon ready to protect them as they were the closest to the back and the closest people she knew and might need require the aid. Meanwhile the sorceress slid behind the pew in front of her.

[2021/08/15 11:02]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): Dante quietly sneaks away while everyone is distracted.

[2021/08/15 11:02]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me stands up and stands mid stage, “ and what of it?  i’m guilty,  but that doesnt‘ mean you’ve won.  its true elayne has been  destroying most of the liquor stash,  that i’ve has been tainted by the outside benefactor . the same who has been banished and wanted to recreate the Black Hand through tampering with beer wine and liqour with a poison that makes the mind more amendable. And that bitch Elayne tried unwittingly  to destroy this effort to save the tavern goers from this  plan.   But  i’m glad to say enough of this laced drinks have made it around , that  I may still win the day.   I just need to finish off the sorcery the spell from within the drinks . “  She  drinks a bit of something noxious and  raises her  glowing blue hand  and begins to speak the words“.

[2021/08/15 11:02]  Dante Gulliver III (gulliver555): wait what?

[2021/08/15 11:03]  Aiya (r3yzel): /me she look around her and push Elayne by accident in the lava be pushed by other demon who all want grab her we can see !

[2021/08/15 11:04]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me looks behind him noticing the mortal behind him had disappeared and growled looking over at Elayne to stand up and prepare for what was about to happen, „Damn it.. Dante just got away!“

[2021/08/15 11:04]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): So, thas why ya stole tha box from tha tavern tha lets ya hide magical items.  It would explain a lot actually..  Unfortunately fer you though…  Some a us don drink at tha tavern.

[2021/08/15 11:04]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me struggles with  Aiya, and beats her about hte head fiercely. laying about the edge of the lava flow.

[2021/08/15 11:04]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me looks around in confusion and suddenly notices that in the place where Dante was standing before, there is only a piece of paper. She picks it up and reads: „Invoice to the high court for acting as prosecutor. Lady Jadu is to remit to mortal Dante SC 10,000 for his services within 14 days…“

[2021/08/15 11:05]  Tinwen: /me attempts to grab Elaynes left arm, twisting it until she is able to shove it into the lava!

[2021/08/15 11:06]  Slithor (jakethesnakes): Hissssesss „Elayne how could you“

[2021/08/15 11:06]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me sighs out as she hears Dante has escaped then looks curiously at the paper Lady Areanna picks up „May I see that, Lady?“

[2021/08/15 11:06]  Niwark (agneshovin): /me s’écarte juste de la mêler pour ne pas se faire éclabousser par la lave si Elayne tombe dedans

[2021/08/15 11:06]  AgnesHovin fr>en: /me just get out of the way so you don’t get splashed with lava if Elayne falls in

 [2021/08/15 11:07]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me is pushed over the roaring inferno. and her hand is plunged into the motlen rock and burns completely off. Her wings  drape over the intense fires and burn as well. Screaming with a roar, “ Blood and Ashes!! you bitches iyou’ll rue this day.!!!. this is not the end  but a beginning of the new world !!!“>

[2021/08/15 11:07]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me passes the note with the bill to Lady Jadu: „High Judge, this mortal has now completely lost his mind!“

[2021/08/15 11:07]  Aiya (r3yzel): „Fuck !“she stand up be a little jostle by all the demon that was suddenly up

[2021/08/15 11:08]  Mayoi Kiyori: /me stands up watching to courtroom turn into a circus of what the fuck.  leans back on my tail silently giggling to myself.“

[2021/08/15 11:08]  Tinwen: /me grins madly and leans her body onto Elayne attempting to push her into the lava more, trying to dip her head into it, and atleast those view-blocking wings!

[2021/08/15 11:08]  Jane (varstapad): /me let go of Leanah ready to jump down from pew, surrounded by Emelean’s undead minions, but see Elayne already defeated and slowly sits back

[2021/08/15 11:08]  Estelle Brianna: /me watched the whole scene with a concerned look on her face and couldn’t wrap her head around it

[2021/08/15 11:09]  Lady Jadu (nurturing): /me takes the paper from Lady Areanna and reads it with a snorting laugh „Oh my! Well, this is funny for sure.“ then summons crystal ice fire to combust and evaporate the scrap of paper „And there it goes.“

[2021/08/15 11:09]  Rakin Fleer (reflexivesin): /me reaches into the void and there is a ding on the other side and he pulls out a bowl of popcorn to share with Dario as they watch

[2021/08/15 11:09]  Aiya (r3yzel): „wait ! don’t let her we need pull her on the jail !“ she try to pull the arm of Elayne out the lava

[2021/08/15 11:10]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me rolls back onto the wood floor. Burning in agonies  her screames echoe the room. tries to put her self out by rolling violently across the floor.

[2021/08/15 11:10]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): Elayne, I took down tha black hand twice.  An when investigatin you ya made tha mistake a insertin yerself in my investigation, an crossin my family business twice.  You ain gonna get tha black hand back, tha stain on my family name is gone forever.  An I gonna be sure a tha.

[2021/08/15 11:10]  Leanah Shan: /me looks around nervously, freezing while her leash is dropped, knowing any sudden moves or actions by her would not be taken well here.  She breaths a sigh of relief as she sees the arm burn off, relaxing even more as her leash is picked back up.

[2021/08/15 11:10]  Pandemonium Meter v1.13: Elayne has been defeated by Aiya!

[2021/08/15 11:11]  Mayoi Kiyori: ..

[2021/08/15 11:11]  Pandemonium Meter Leash: Aiya has leashed Elayne.

[2021/08/15 11:11]  Zakia Shochraos (zakia15.zemenis): /me watches Tinwen trying to take care of Elayne and looks among his employees and the other demons, „Yes Tinwen, Elayne needs to go through a trial as well.. don’t push her in the rest of the way just yet. But someone please get her out of my sight… what a disgrace to the Serpent’s Tavern…“ he looks over to Lady Jadu and bows to her, „If you’ll excuse me.. I’m going to go hunt down the mortal that just left this room… there are some „words“ I’d like to say to him.“

[2021/08/15 11:11]  Tinwen: /me lets go off elanye and roars a bit, her eye flashes a bright red as she treis to calm again, watching that Angel rolling around, she shows her teeth…

[2021/08/15 11:12]  Voltra Sparks (redshadow.merryman): Aiya, put er in a cell.  I will ave words with er.

[2021/08/15 11:12]  Emelean: /me peeked up from behind the pew and slowly began to rise. She backed up knowing necromancers are better surrounded by their minions and towards the back of the fight.

[2021/08/15 11:12]  Aiya (r3yzel): drags Elayne’s burnt body by the arm dragging her on the ground unceremoniously to put her in jail laughing a little after reflection

[2021/08/15 11:12]  Slithor (jakethesnakes): Nods to Zaki a“I thinkssss Dante has a date with the Iron Maiden“

[2021/08/15 11:12]  Polaris (duhwei): /me gets up watching an angel catch on fire, demons seemingly gnawing around like rabid dogs. reminding of some sort of zombie apocalypse.

[2021/08/15 11:13]  Elayne (elaynetamalyn): /me groans and moans, coming to herself as she is dragged across the floor. Looking dazed and confused as to what has been going on.

[2021/08/15 11:13]  Sol (chunkybish): /me sits all the way in the back and cant see a damn thing, all she knows is that Elayne is guilty and attacked by several people like wild animals. She raises her brows and looks around confusingly.

[2021/08/15 11:14]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): hi jane long tim eno see

[2021/08/15 11:14]  Tinwen: /me growls and starts to almost stomp away, her eye keeps glowing as she leaves, seemingly in a hurry…

[2021/08/15 11:15]  Jane (varstapad): /me looks on Devil Princess „Hello Tasia, it is long time indeed“

[2021/08/15 11:15]  Lady Aranea (ladyaranea): /me nods to Elayne, „Whatever you do when you’re convicted – don’t use Dante as your lawyer!“

[2021/08/15 11:15]  Graves (cowprotector): /me Briefly turning to Estelle, Graves would give her a gentle swat to her hip, following it with a sly remark. “ You owe me one, pumpkin‘.“ They would then avert their attention towards the commotion, nod to everyone at once and shift their weight, ready to go on about their day.

[2021/08/15 11:15]  Sol (chunkybish): /me blinks a few times and begins to quietly leave the prison..

[2021/08/15 11:16]  Kayde (beautifultragedy23): Looked onward in state of shock. Of course it made sense Estelle being in cat form couldn’t steal much of anything but for Elayne to be the culprit was confusing to him.He didn’t know her to well but she always seemed sweet and kind.Perking a brow he watched her being dragged along confused greatly.It almost seemed like something else took over her. Wanting to question it but remained silent and stood up to move towards Atreyu as thoughts ran through his mind.

[2021/08/15 11:16]  Mayoi Kiyori: /me smirks. „if theres anything left of that mortal lil shit.“ cackles a bit then quiets down as if i spoke nothing.

[2021/08/15 11:16]  Tasia Longshadows (mellangeline): „any news of naya?, last time i trained her to become a Devil, i supose its has a hard lesson , i not see her after“

[2021/08/15 11:16]  Estelle Brianna: /me rolled her eyes at Graves and pinched their fine ass back ‚well.. maybe you should carve this pumpkin dove‘

[2021/08/15 11:16]  Emelean: /me seeing the situation resolved quietly left the court room to calm down from the excitement.

[2021/08/15 11:17]  AtreyuLogan: giggles „well now the hunt for the over priced lawyer“

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